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We live by our cardinal rules of collecting:

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Always, and only, collect what you love.
Follow your heart to achieve the best and most rewarding results.

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Strive for the best and take your collection to the next level.
Reach the works, that once, you thought were beyond your wildest dreams.


Our professional services will assist you in taking your collection to the next level!


Curating services are provided for private & public exhibitions, restaurant/hotel & corporate collections, film/tv sets, wealth funds and private homes.


Paul Becker has conducted over 300 live auctions. If you are planning an event and desire the best results, contact us here.


Whether you are a first time buyer or an avid collector, our consulting services will ensure you acquire the best art, by the best artists, at the best price possible.


Paul Becker regularly provides an exciting educational experience through his Art Lecture Series. To find out more, please see our Events page.

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About Us

To add educational, cultural and creative value in people's lives.
To inspire collectors in reaching their full potential.
To add the essence of art's visual communication to other's working and living spaces.
To ensure collectors are acquiring great art, by great artists at exceptional value.
To make acquiring art easy.
To uphold a reputation of service excellence.

Erik Becker Art has over 8 years of expertise in assisting clients achieve new heights with their collections.

Principal, Paul Erik Becker, has presented over 250 live seminars on various topics such as, Art History, Old & Modern Masters, The Art of Collecting, Street Art, Canadian Legends and more. In addition to education, Paul is an experienced art auctioneer with the largest art dealer in the world. He has been responsible for the sale of over six million dollars to collectors worldwide, successfully placed over 30 museum quality, hand-signed Picasso works in the hands of exuberant collectors. In addition to working thousands of hours in prominent art galleries, Paul has completed countless hours of research on artists, art movements and trends in the art market.

About You

The majority of people who appreciate art, tend to never acquire the art they love. Perhaps you are someone who enjoys the aesthetics of how a certain piece looks and decided that you would buy the poster of that particular work to hang on your wall. This may look ok, but there is nothing on the wall that says anything about who you are or what you value when a $20 poster is hanging in a $200 frame. Do you put $20 tires on a $30,000 vehicle?

A house is not a home until you have fine art on the wall.

The initial step for a first time collector is to take the giant leap forward and acquire your first piece, something you like, something you love, something of value. Whether it be a signed, limited edition work by a well known artist, or an original painting by an emerging local artist, all that is important is that you take that first step to becoming a collector. From personal experience, once you take that step - your house will never be the same again.

Congratulations!  As a novice collector, you have begun to train your eye towards certain artists and styles that are dear to your heart. Perhaps you have collected limited edition serigraphs, lithographs or giclee prints of several artists that inspire you. Maybe, you have even ventured towards original paintings, sculptures or photographs of emerging sensations.

Erik Becker Art is excited about your current situation and we would be honored to assist you in taking your collection to the next level.

The next step for you, and your collection, is to push the boundaries of what you have become accustom to. Focus on artists you have always dreamt of collecting as well as innovators that are setting trends today. Below are some considerations to evolve your collection.

1. Collect a limited edition print (signed or unsigned) by a famous artist that you always felt was out of your reach, for example: Warhol, Lichtenstein, Chagall, Picasso, Rembrandt, Matisse, Dali.

NOTE:  One-off/unique works by these legends of art may be well beyond your current financial reach however limited edition graphic works (lithographs, etchings, serigraphs, linocuts, woodcuts etc.) are highly collectible and auction records have proven time and time again that graphic works hold tremendous value.

Did you know there are incredible hand-signed Picasso etchings available for under $10,000?

Did you know there are remarkable, authentic Rembrandt etchings available for under $5,000?

2. Collect a one-off/unique painting by a living, current innovator of art, for example: Romero Britto, Mr. Brainwash, Michael Kalish, David Garibaldi, Shepard Fairey, Scott Jacobs, Peter Max.

NOTE: You are making a grand statement by acquiring an original work by a living legend. This can be comparable to collecting a Warhol, Picasso or Matisse during their lifetime, when their works were attainable for novice collectors such as you.

When you collect a unique work you are the only person out of 7 billion in the world to own it. Be proud of that fact, there is something immensely special about being the owner of a treasure that is truly yours, and yours only!Italic Text

You have been at this game a while. You know the ins and outs of the market, you are proud of your collection, but something is missing, isn’t it? You know what it is, but you move forward with trepidation. Thoughts continually race through your head, can I do it? Is it worth it? ...of course!

Here are two things to consider:

1. The best part about art is that it lasts forever.
2. The best part about money is that you can always make more.

Remember when you trade currency for art you acquire culture, history, inspiration, passion, beauty and value. When you hold currency, even at today’s bond rates, you lose value due to inflation. Can you frame a bank statement? I guess you could, but I wouldn’t advise it.

Love your collection – acquire what you love and you will never make a bad decision.
Evolve your collection - continue to reach beyond the boundaries of your collection, strive for better, and reach the works that once, you thought, were beyond your wildest dreams.

You might buy art because you love it. But what you really love is seeing the value of your art grow over time. There is nothing wrong with this; however, we do not necessarily advise investment to be the driving force behind your collecting decisions.

It is true; art can be a remarkable, eye-popping investment.

Example: In the early 1960's, Irving Blum, acquired a set of 32 Campbell's Soup Cans from Andy Warhol for $1000. In 1995, he sold them to the MoMA for approximately $15 million.

Example: In 1960, John D. Rockefeller bought the Mark Rothko painting, "White Center," for $10,000. In May 2007, it sold at auction for $72.8 million.

However, markets can turn at any time. ERiK Becker Art advises that you always collect what you love first; art that you enjoy, art that you are passionate about. This way, if the market does turn and your art is worth significantly less than what you paid, at least you admire the piece and feel it adds value to the walls of your home for everyone to see.

If investing is your desire, ERiK Becker Art can assist you. There are many factors to consider when investing in art, such as, market trends, market conditions, recent auction results, using history as a benchmark and more.

You are a business or have an office space that requires some inspiration. ERiK Becker Art's advice is to make a statement. If the art is hanging around public areas of the office we recommend works that evoke an essence of your brand, vision and/or company values. When hanging art or photography in your personal space we recommend a piece that makes a statement about "who you are" that will strike a conversation.

Hanging pictures of your family is not discouraged, but, how often do you have visitors ask you how your wife and kids are? Wouldn't you prefer a deeper conversation on where you acquired your Picasso and the story it tells?

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